Welcome to Medina Lake Realty 

 I am Mike Mallory owner and broker of Medina Lake Realty. We have specialized in the Medina Lake and Texas  Hill country. I have sold real estate in the area since 1996. We built our office in 2000 and have commercial road  frontage that is in the heart of the Medina Lake area. Come in drop by and inquire on prices and information on  the area while we can inform you of the conveniences and recreational aspects of Medina Lake. Knowing and  understanding the difficulties of buying recreational or waterfront property I can properly advise you on the  proper procedure for selling or buying real estate in this area. Helping people overcome the obstacles of  financing and the 1084 line issues. Give a call or shoot me an email and I can assist you in your search for the  perfect property for you.


 I am Matthew Mallory Son of Mike Mallory. I think we are now providing a unique service especially  for those looking to list and sell their property. I graduated from Texas A&M and when It comes to online marketing I think we beat the competition. It is important to have your house and property listed in multiple website but I also believe the general public when they are looking to buy house they need more information, then just "great  lot for  sale" or "great house for sale". In this day an age having an information rich website and  facebook page are incredibly important. This is why, I have created this website exactly for that  purpose. I want to provide detailed information about HOAs and property restrictions.  Marketing  should also be very interactive I believe that our facebook page does that when it comes to informing your buyers and getting them connected directly with expert advise and allowing them to be constantly updated on the market from their news feed on facebook. We are constantly looking to improve and love to hear your criticism providing a top notch service exactly what we aim to achieve.